Source code for neet.boolean.conv

.. currentmodule:: neet.boolean.conv

.. testsetup:: conv

    import numpy
    from neet.boolean import LogicNetwork
    from neet.boolean.conv import wt_to_logic
    from neet.boolean.examples import s_pombe
from .logicnetwork import LogicNetwork
from .wtnetwork import WTNetwork

[docs]def wt_to_logic(net): """ Convert a :class:`neet.boolean.WTNetwork` to a :class:`neet.boolean.LogicNetwork`. .. rubric:: Examples .. doctest:: conv >>> net = wt_to_logic(s_pombe) >>> isinstance(net, LogicNetwork) True >>> numpy.array_equal(net.transitions, s_pombe.transitions) True :param net: a network to convert :type net: :class:`neet.boolean.WTNetwork` :return: an equivalent :class:`neet.boolean.LogicNetwork` """ if not isinstance(net, WTNetwork): raise TypeError("'net' must be a WTNetwork") truth_table = [] for node, weights in enumerate(net.weights): indices = tuple([i for i, v in enumerate(weights) if v != 0 or i == node]) conditions = set() for dec_state in range(2**len(indices)): bin_state = '{0:0{1}b}'.format(dec_state, len(indices)) prod = sum([weights[i] * int(s) for i, s in zip(indices, bin_state)]) threshold = net.thresholds[node] exceeds_threshold = prod > threshold at_threshold_and_one = prod == threshold and bin_state[indices.index(node)] == '1' if (exceeds_threshold or at_threshold_and_one): conditions.add(bin_state) truth_table.append((indices, conditions)) return LogicNetwork(truth_table, reduced=True, names=net.names)