Neet: Simulating and analyzing network models

Neet is a python package designed to provide an easy-to-use API for creating and evaluating network models. In its current state, Neet supports simulating synchronous Boolean network models, though the API is designed to be model generic. Future work will implement asynchronous update mechanisms and more general network types.

If you are interested in using Neet, you’ll definitely be interested in checking out the documentation -

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Getting Help

Neet is developed to help people interested in using and analyzing network models to get things done quickly and painlessly. Your feedback is indispensable. Please create an issue if you find a bug, an error in the documentation, or have a feature you’d like to request. Your contribution will make Neet a better tool for everyone.

If you are interested in contributing to Neet, please contact the developers. We’ll get you up and running!

Neet Source Repository
Neet Issue Tracker

Relevant Publications

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